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How to order

You can place an order directly accessing our online catalog at, by phone or by email (see Contacts). Upon receiving your request, we will send you by email a pro-forma invoice containing all the details. Only after your confirmation, your request will become an order.

How to confirm

After you send your request, you will receive our pro-forma invoice in your email inbox. To confirm your order, you simply need to follow the instructions in the pro-forma.

Terms of Sale
  1. Prices

    Prices may refers to professional/business clients or B2B and to private/retail clients or B2C. Business clients will have prices "VAT not included" and need to provide us a correct or valid VAT Number. Retail clients will have prices "VAT included". The prices shown in our price lists (generally wholesale prices for B2B clients) are EXW (ex works), excluding VAT and are subject to change without notice. Marrangoni Pottery suggest to B2B client to check on updated prices.
    The prices in are always up to date. If you make a request directly from the site, you will surely have the updated prices . Orders not yet shipped , will be settled at the prices fixed in the pro-forma invoice you confirmed.
    Prices are referred to standard packing pallets as shown on the items tables and to mixed pallets with similar sizes and shapes items. Out of this, the mixed pallet charges, in order to save the pots during transports, that need for special packing or crates, are to be valued in the pro-forma you will receive.

  2. Order Confirmation

    After you have confirmed your order:

    - Marrangoni Pottery is committed to produce and deliver your goods

    - You are committed to collect the goods ordered

    - You cannot delete or modify a confirmed order

    - In case of partial delivery, you are committed to collect the remainders as prioritary in the next delivery

  3. Transport Liability

    The goods are packed and loaded by our qualified staff (see at Packing for Groupages) . Not liable under any circumstances for damages caused by the transport after the goods have left our warehouse.
    More informations at Transport Liability)

  4. Delivery Dates

    The estimated delivery dates are accurate but still approximate because also depend on possible breaks in production that we cannot predict. If the delivery is late, exceeding 30 days after the estimated delivery date, you will be entitled to cancel the order. This is not valid if the delay is caused by your instructions or by your transporter.

  5. Dimensions, decorations, colours and Weights

    The dimensions, the decorations, the colours and weights shown by text or pictures on our information catalogs or online websites are approximate and may be different even according with the size of the article and/or the hand made quality of the production and may not bear grounds for a claim.
    More Informations

  6. Breakages

    In the event of breakages not due to the transport, you must give notice within 3 (three) days from the receiving of the goods, send us detailed pictures and allow us or our agents to personally verify the material. After 3 days from the receiving, claims will not be accepted. Your claim will then be evaluated and if it is accepted, you will be issued regular credit note.

  7. Confirmatory Article

    The customer, placing and confirming an order, accepts all previous conditions of sale.

  8. Marrangoni Pottery

    We are very attentive to the needs of the Customer and, within the limits of our organizational possibilities, will try in every way to solve any problem in a friendly way.