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Sizes, decorations, colors and weight

This page is an extension of point 5 of the Terms of Sale. Please read it carefully, thanks

Handcraftsmade production means that each piece could have little differences in weight, size and color. This is quite natural and these differences can be more present and / or visible if, for example, you buy the same product at different times. This is due, in addition to the manual skills of production, also to the lot of clay that can never be the same as the one used previously.
The decoration on the vase could also be different from the one shown in the online photograp also for the simple fact that by the size of the same article. As you have seen, for each photograph there may be many variations, both in size and in clay or color. Specifically to the variants in the size, it is easily understandable that the details on a decoration in a small vase can not have the same definition detail that is present on a large vase; or, the decorations can be adjusted by the craftsman for an aesthetic need changing the size of the vase. If the details and shape of the decoration are so important in your choice, we suggest you ask for a picture of the vase before placing the order, so you can evaluate whether it meets your preference.

Below is an example of a garland that is different in form and detail in relation to a garland vase of 50 and 140 cm in diameter

Marrangoni Pottery: Garland detais in a 50 cm Pot
Marrangoni Pottery: Garland detais in a 140 cm Pot

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