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Brand & Mission

The name Marrangoni has been synonymous with the Terracotta for the last 150 years. It is written in an official baptism document of a child, whose father, Flavio Marrangoni, was a potter. We have been exporters of terracotta pottery in the U.S. and Australia since 1970. We have served clients such as International Terracotta from Los Angeles and DLP International and in the early 80's it was possible to see our pots on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles and on Ocean Drive in Miami. Over time we built a good reputation due to our experience, skills, product quality and commercial reliability. These are values that, in our opinion, should be sought in every business partnership.
Our company's mission is to promote and spread handcrafted Tuscan Terracotta in the outdoor and gardening market. These ancient traditional terracotta are of high quality, but are not yet very well known to the general public. We need to be able to make people understand when you have them in your garden, it's like owning a piece of Tuscany with the "Made in Italy" quality, a value recognized all over the world. This is not well known for terracotta pots as well it is for good wine, olive oil or clothes, and the final consumer is denied the chance to purchase simply because he is not aware.
Here, we want to try to fill this void by spreading the culture of Tuscany in our crafts, by giving correct informations about the quality of the tuscan terracotta, having a grater presence in the market and connecting with customers and consolidating a relationship of trust and transparency. For this our efforts have been directed towards developing marketing strategies consistent with our business reliability, service to our customers and inspired by our vision of economy.
We want to deliver top of the range products and the handmade Tuscan Terracotta made with high quality clays, frost resistance and design is undoubtedly one of the best. Creating a good marketing structure that puts the customer and his needs at the center of our attention, solving some of his organizational problems to facilitate the purchase of our product, encouraging and supporting the distribution network by connecting it to a brand synonymous with experience and reliability, are the goals that we have set.

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