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Transport Liability

This page is an extension of point 3 of the Terms of Sale. Please read it carefully, thanks

We believe that every person who participates in any sale must be responsible for his or her actions.
Marrangoni Pottery is responsible for the quality of the product and the packaging of the goods on the pallet(s) and the carrier/courier is responsible for what happens to those goods during transport.

It might seem like just a presumption, but the law actually states that

"the responsibility on the merchandise is transferred from the sender to the carrier, who has the obligation to deliver the goods in the same conditions as they received it. The liability then transfers to the consignee (buyer) as soon as the goods are received and just the signature is placed on the delivery document, stating that the goods were accepted without reserve".

The last paragraph is saying that the consignee also has an active part in the sale , since signing the delivery document means that now the buyer is legitimately the owner of the goods delivered. The addressee, signing the delivery document with no reserves, informs the sender and the carrier that the merchandise has been received in perfect condition and consequently exempts them from a return or reimbursement of any kind. Ultimately, the goods are now owned by the buyer and becomes their responsibility. So you can see how crucial it is to inspect your goods received prior to signing for them at delivery.
Some delivery/couriers tend not to like to take the time to have the package inspected at delivery and/or have the reserves in the documents.

We advise our Customers to accept packages always with reserve, carefully inspect the goods and to write clear detailed notes in the dedicated space, any problems encountered. Examples could be: damaged packaging, goods inspection impossible because the carrier did not want to wait, or any other situation that may have occurred . This is the only way to make a claim for damages if a breakage occurred during transport.

We want to say that in all reality, the chances of a breakage and/or damages to occur is less than 2% of shipments made and that, it is our company’s policy, not only the law, till now our Customers have been compensated by receiving new goods.