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How to receive a package from us

Garden Terracotta: advices to correctly receive the merchandise Receiving a package from a courier service might seem in a first moment the simplest thing in the world, giving the fact that our action appears totally irrelevant.
However, the moment of good’s delivery determines the transfer of property from the courier to the addressee. It is legally recognized that to each hand transfer , the receiver needs to verify and make sure that what has received matches what it has been written in the original transport document and everything is in perfect conditions.
We advise to view the Sale Conditions and the article Transport Liability for further information. While we remind you that the above mentioned advices are valid for any of the goods acquired on line and not only for our terracotta pots, it’s common sense to be aware that this particular material it's for its nature very heavy, bulky and easily breakable compared to other products.
To maximize the protection of our products avoiding the probability of their damage during transportation, we pack our material in such manner which will prevent an eventual contact with other packages limiting the breakage of the total quantity of delivered goods to only a 2%.

In order to correctly receive your material from the courier we advise to:

Sale Conditions
Transport Liability