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The largest and most complete directory of quality tuscan terracotta

Thousands of items made with the finest Tuscan Clays in a variety of material, size, shape, style, decoration and colour.


Marrangoni Pottery has a wide and extenside catalog of handcrafted garden terracotta produced in Toscany, Italy. Marrangoni has been a well known name in the terracotta industry for 150 years, with more than 40 years experience in exporting. If you are looking for a high quality pots with a rare design, made with ancient and traditional Tuscan craftmanship, you will definitely find them in this catalog. We work with the best quality clays in the world, the famous Impruneta Clay (Terra di Impruneta) and the high quality and less expensive Siena Clay (Terra di Siena), as well as materials that give the terracotta a high frost resistant characteristic.
We offer a wide range of Garden Pots, that are easily accessible, with just a few clicks you can easily select the pots you want. You can choose between round, squares, smooth, garland, baccellato, lined, jars, bowls, rectangle planters in classic, tuscan or modern, in different sizes, colours and materials.

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About Terracotta

The terracotta is a hard and resistant material achieved by a firing process at about 1000° centigrade of a mixture made of clay and inert material, usually sandstone. It's known throughout the world and can be produced in raw materials such as bricks for houses, but also other items, thanks to the easily malleable nature of the clay.
In Tuscany, in the area of Florence and Siena, the craft of garden pottery has been developed over the centuries and is famous throughout the world for its elegant and refined desing and also for the quality of the clay.

Classic or Modern?

Tuscan terracotta has always been available only as a red or rose color up until a few years ago. This beautiful rich red color is attributed to the ingredient iron oxide that also provides quality and strength. Only history buffs would know of another blackened, burnished looking terracotta that is made by the ancient Etruscan technique called bucchero. This variety was not as popular as the red terracotta for garden pots, but in the last two decades more and more people have researched different choices available and experimented with shapes, colors and different finishes.

Same design, but different shape

In our catalog there are some Collections of articles with same design but different shape and size.
This may help you to solve problems of furniture where you require an identical design to furnish areas with different shapes and sizes.
You can browse quickly the catalog by Collections and each product data sheet will show you if that item is part of a Collection.