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The largest and most complete catalog of quality tuscan terracotta

Thousands of items made with the finest Tuscan Clays in a variety of material, size, shape, style, decoration and colour.


Dear visitor,

You are browsing the largest and widest catalog of handcrafted garden pottery made in Tuscany, Italy. Marrangoni has been a well known name in the field of Terracotta for 150 years, with more than 40 years experience in exporting. If you are looking for a high quality pots with a rare designs, made with ancient and traditional Tuscan craftmanship, you can find in our catalog the products you need. We work with the best quality clays in the world, the famous Impruneta clay and the high quality and cheaper Siena clay, materials that give the terracotta a high frost resistant characteristic.
We offer a wide range of pots, but in only a few steps you can easily select the pots you want. You can choose between round or square pots, smooth or garland, with decoration, lined, jars, bowls, statues, rectangles in Tuscan classic or modern design, in different sizes, colours and materials. The quality of every item is carefully evaluated depending on the clay, the manufacturing process and the firing, by a quality/price index which can be seen in the product details. You can also create your own wishlist which can be displayed at a later time, without having to repeat the search process.
We are able, as terracotta experts, to give you the best advice if you tell us what you need and we can also find for you pottery we don't produce such as machine made or from other geographical locations.
If you want to start a new business or improve your current business in the field of outdoor gardening, we will be happy to assist you with our advice or by making a free online catalog for you with all the complete range of Marrangoni Pottery brand to introduce you to the World.
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Andrea Marrangoni

About Terracotta

The terracotta is a hard and resistant material achieved by a firing process at about 1000° centigrade of a mixture made of clay and inert material, usually sandstone. It's known throughout the world and can be produced in raw materials such as bricks for houses, but also other items, thanks to the easily malleable nature of the clay.
In Tuscany, in the area of Florence and Siena, the craft of garden pottery has been developed over the centuries and is famous throughout the world for its elegant and refined desing and also for the quality of the clay.

Why choose us?

We are a company with a long tradition , with over 40 years of experience in exportation, we try to be professional in our work. Our reliability is the assurance that any transaction will be successful and will be settled to the price you have agreed , without any surprises. You just need to decide what you need, and then we can handle the rest.
PRICE AND QUALITY We sell all the Tuscan Terracotta. On our website there is a simple tool that you can use to compare all the prices from your current suppliers, but also to evaluate the quality of the clay.

Same design, but different shape

In our catalog there are some Collections of articles with same design but different shape and size.
This may hemp you to solve problems of furniture where you require an identical design to furnish areas with different shapes and sizes.
You can browse quickly the catalog by Collections and each product data sheet will show you if that item is part of a Collection.